Tumblr Reaches 20 Billion Posts

Tumblr bloggers have contributed more than 20 billion posts since the site launched in 2007. The company apparently “forgot to make a big deal of this” when it happened on Monday night, so they announced the milestone this morning on Twitter.

The number of blog posts is worth mentioning because it shows how engaged Tumblrs’ users really are. With more than 50 million bloggers creating an average of 51 million posts each day, the odds are better that many of the people who have accounts actually use them.

Tumblr hit the one billion-mark in August 2010, which means that the growth rate has picked up speed.

Tumblr’s format favors creating new works rather than collecting or discussing existing ones – users can “heart” or re-blog a post, but comments and messages are more of an afterthought. The idea is to browse through topics that interest you and discover beautiful pictures, videos, writing, or quotations written by the community, as well as contribute your own.

So what will Tumblr do with all these posts? Although Tumblr CEO David Karp once told the LA Times, “We’re pretty opposed to advertising,” in February 2012 the company started charging a dollar for “highlighted posts.” Sort of like Twitter’s “sponsored tweets,” Tumblr’s highlighted posts allow bloggers to use custom stickers with messages like “breaking news” or “this week only” to make their posts stand out in their dashboards.  (Tumblr also sells premium blog templates and t-shirts.) With 2 billion posts for users to sift through, the stickers might not be a bad idea.

Image by amasterphotographer via Shutterstock.

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