In the lastkirkus.jpg hour, the publishing Twitterverse has been buzzing–keening, really–over the just-announced close of Kirkus Reviews. Here’s what some folks are saying, often implying that the shuttering of Kirkus is in part the result of online review venues and blogs:

Publishers Weekly Senior Reviews Editor Sarah Gold (@SFGold) mourns the loss of a fellow worker: “Disappearance of yet another voice in book reviewing is terribly sad.”

Novelist Colson Whitehead (@colsonwhitehead) says so long and thanks for all the good reviews: “Kirkus, you were always kind to me. Thanks for slightly reducing my prepub anxiety, agony and agita.”

Fran Toolan
of Firebrand Technologies (@ftoolan) thinks about the new overtaking the old: “wow, social media is really killing traditional review venues”

Greg Mitchell (@GregMitch), editor of Editor & Publisher, offers thanks, a blog address where he can be followed, and this: “Frankly, everyone shocked and trying to cope. Not even going online? Maybe someone will step forward?”

Ron Charles (@roncharles) of The Washington Post again sounded a note of regret for the loss of Kirkus’s critical eye: “Everytime we lose a rare independent voice we grow more dependent on publicists, authors’ friends clogging blogs w praise”