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Verizon Motorola Droid at Costco Includes Extras: Droid No Threat to iPhone


I bought my Verizon Motorola Droid from a local Costco store on Saturday. And, I’m glad I did. The firm behind the cell phone concession kiosk in the Costco store here usually throws in a couple of extras with phones purchased there. This was the case with the Droid too.

For $199.99, my Droid came with the following in the extras pack:

- Wired stereo headset with remote controls
- Leather carrying case with wrist strap and belt clip
- Car charger

And, as usual (I purchased a bunch of Sprint phones from the Kiosk before they vendor dropped Sprint and replaced it with T-Mobile), the Kiosk staffer was courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. All the paperwork was filled out for me including the instant rebate (I paid just the $199.99) and the mail-in activation fee waiver. We activated my phone there and went through the configuration to make sure everything was working properly before I left.

I’ll be detailing my impressions of the Droid extensively over the coming week. But, let me start by saying this: The Droid is not even a small threat to the iPhone. On the other hand, Nokia S60 and Microsoft Windows Phones have a lot to worry about. That said, there is a lot to like about the Droid and its Android 2.0 platform. I’ll talk about both pros and cons in blog items here in the days and weeks to come.

For an interesting negative blow-by-blow analysis, take a look at Robert Scoble’s blog item…

The Droid fails AS A PRODUCT when compared to Palm Pre and iPhone

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