West Coast More Productive than East Coast, Say Makers of To-Do List App [Infographic]

You’ve tried post-it notes, you’ve tried pocket calendars, you may have even set an alarm on your phone, but have you tried using your social networks to help you finish your to-do list? Well is a social app that lets you post what you’d like to accomplish, from walking your dog to swimming the English Channel.

The makers of Well have been poking around their social graph to find out how many tasks users in different parts of the country have actually finished since they’ve started using the app. Here’s a shocker for you: laid-back Californians are more productive than New Yorkers.

But it’s not just about location. Due dates were also a motivating factor: 61 percent of tasks that had a due date were completed, compared to the 23 percent of tasks that were completed without one. Well breaks down more statistics in the infographic below:



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