We've Been Acquired!

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I’m excited to announce today that we’ve been acquired by WebMediaBrands (NASDAQ:WEBM), (see Techcrunch and AlleyInsider) the company behind mediabistro.com, learnnetwork, freelanceconnect, and semanticweb. While we’re not disclosing the financial details of this transaction, with WebMediaBrands we now have the ability to accomplish what I first hoped to when I started Social Times a little over two years ago. Not only do they bring resources, but they also have an experienced team that will help instantly scale the Social Times media business.

I want to thank all of the sponsors, readers, and all other supporters over the past two and a half years. Also thanks to the writers that have helped us grow and Jesse Thomas of JESS3 who was the Creative Director and making sure we had all our stuff together at our conferences! This is not the end of Social Times though, this is just the beginning of a new phase. Over the coming weeks and months you should see a number of new writers posting on our sites, new event announcements, and possibly some new websites as well. The bottom line is we’re dedicated to covering the entire social web economy.

I will be staying on to continue running Social Times with the help of the WebMediaBrands team. I’m excited because the future of the social web economy is an extremely bright one and we finally have the resources to accomplish what I’ve wanted to all along. I will also be obsessively writing just as I have over the past two and a half years so don’t expect that to go away. There’s not much else I can say except to keep reading as we have amazing plans for the future!

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