What is Greplin and Why Are People Comparing It To Google?

Daniel Gross is a 19 year old from Israel who developed the idea for Greplin during a breakneck, two-day coding session at Y Combinator, a seed funding company for startups. Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham’s house basically told Gross to “build something that you’d want to use today, not something you think people could use somehow.”

Together with co-founder Robby Walker, 27, Gross created Greplin, a user-authorized search that can access Google Documents, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook and more. However, there are paid versions that offer other sources and increase index space.

Reports say that Greplin works quickly and faster than Google, finding one’s own posts, email, and documents scattered around the various services. But it’s more. Greplin can also search posts and documents shared by friends’ accounts. The site launched in late February and now people are comparing Greplin to Google.

Although Greplin is nowhere near the popularity or size of Google, the search engine takes you on a search where Google can’t reach. It’s a social slice of the Web and more. The unique search engine allows you to hover password-protected or off-limits to traditional search engines. In other words, Greplin is search engine for people’s online documents, a portal to everyone’s personal cloud data.

Greplin, most likely, will not achieve Google-like domination of the market, but I do think the young search engine is something that people can use. It drives a large wedge into socializing information by simplifying the endless data available on networks like Facebook with 550 million users.

But, there’s a big obstacle, which is that Facebook would love to be that portal as well, and might not be too keen on giving access to a strong competitor. But, Greplin is young and could very well be acquired by Facebook or Google during its unruly ride.

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