Comparing the rise of eBooks to the early days of television, Thebookdesigner.com has a piece up this week called The E-Book in 2020: What’s On Your Wishlist?.

Comparing the ePub format to a black and white TV with rabbit ears, the piece asks readers what they hope to see in eBooks a decade from now. The author of the piece Joel Friedlander imagines “the ability to merge texts from different ‘publishers’ to create your own mashup” and “beautiful typography.” While we have come a long way from Radio Shack’s 1986 electronic book, we still have a ways to go.

This blogger would love to imagine really high res color-rich screens that work on the brightest beach day and can be toned down so as not to be too harsh in the darkest winter night in Sweden. This Liquavista prototype might be the solution. But who knows this might already be adopted by next year. And by 2020, the stories might just be beamed straight into our brains Philip K. Dick-style.

What would you like to see?