Which Is Worse: The End of Year Family Letter or The Daily Life Blog

It’s that time of year again, time for Aunt Mary’s family update letter. Everyone has at least one member of the family or at least one friend that must insist on telling you all of the events that have happened in their families lives this year. The yearly family letter is definitely time consuming and annoying but what about the people in our lives who believe their daily life blog is important enough for you to read every week. The question is which is worse: the end of year family letter or the daily life blog?

To best illustrate the passionate differences between the bloggers and family letter writers, I will frame the comparison in the form of a conversation between an avid blogger and a family letter writer, both whom are intent on criticizing the other. Enjoy!

Anti-Letter Writer Blogger:

Let’s face it; the title of the family letter is typically “The Smith’s Family Update” but it really should be titled “The Smith’s Family Brag Letter.” Most families that send out yearly letters are only putting in the positive events that have happened in their lives. That the father just got a raise or was promoted at work, or maybe that the son just made honor roll for the sixth straight year, or that the daughter made it on the varsity soccer team as a freshmen and is starting. The reverse is also possible the “The Smith’s Family Update” turns into the “The Smith’s Pity Us.” Instead of adding cheer to the holiday season with the great events that have happened this year, the letter is filled with Debbie Downer news. That dad’s chronic knee is acting up again or maybe mom has been having digestive problems.

Anti-Blogger Letter Writer:

There is no doubt that the family update letter is annoying and time consuming, but that letter only comes around once a year. The daily life blog is updated a few times a week. Instead of finding out about the big events that happened in your family members lives in the yearly letter you are forced to know everything that happens in their lives every week. No longer do you just know that the dad got a job promotion or that his chronic knee is acting up again now you know that he got in an argument with the daughter earlier this week about chores.

Anti-Letter Writer Blogger:

You’re right that the daily blog is updated multiple times a week, but what makes the family letter the worse is the all year build up. You know that when December comes around the three page letter is coming with all the great news. Just like many relationships, ones that go months without conversation makes conversation boring and just turns into news updates. Relationships that have communication each and every week allow each other to share fun and impertinent stories. Instead of finding out that your cousin has a new job, your cousin could tell you about the crazy guy in the bank who looked like he was about to hold the joint up.

Anti-Blogger Letter Writer:

The stories as interesting as the crazy guy in the bank are very few and between, usually the stories include “my gas bill is way too high” or “I love the rain,” not very interesting is it? The daily life blog is the personal diary that has been kept by people for centuries upon centuries, but instead of keeping your daily dairy to yourself now everyone believes the world should know what you’re doing every day, but guess what? No one cares…no one.

Anti-Letter Writer Blogger:

Well some people care, maybe you don’t. The main difference between the yearly letter and daily blog is your level of guilt. People who blog daily don’t expect everyone in their family to follow their blog; they merely hope that some family members or friends choose to follow the blog. If the daily blogger asks if you’ve seen the website recently you can easily say “I just haven’t had have time, sorry.” On the other hand saying you don’t have time to read one letter once a year is not a good enough excuse to tell the author of the letter, so one must have had to either suffer the excruciating ten minutes or try to lie their way out of a
difficult situation.

Anti-Blogger Letter Writer:

You bring up a good point, but did you think about this next point. The majority of daily bloggers do not keep their blogs up to date; typically the blog will go one to two weeks at a time without a post. Sometimes a blog will go three months without a post. This turns your once a year letter that is three pages into a four times a year letter that stretches to three pages. The daily blog is much worse than merely a once a year update letter.


I’ll take the easy road and say both have their evils, but I do find it a bit audacious when a daily blogger pings me every single day of the year. Which do you think is worse? The letter or the blog?

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