image003.jpgAgents and publishers battling over royalty rates on eBooks is nothing new. But some are expecting the standard 25% royalty rate to be old news within a year.

Earlier this week, Andrew Wylie told Harvard Magazine, that eBook negotiations were on hold across the board at his agency.

Today, is reporting that, “Authors and agents are playing hardball on backlist e-book deals with publishers, with some said to be withholding deals for six to 12 months in the belief that the current industry standard royalty rate of 25% could be smashed within a year.”

Georgina Capel of Capel & Land told TheBookseller, “We believe 50% is the right royalty rate and in most cases we are asking for 50% on backlist titles. We are not agreeing to anything less than 25% on new titles, and we believe it will be 30%-35% soon.”