Amazon has been taking advantage of the new social commerce tools on Facebook. In other words, letting people connect their Amazon and Facebook accounts to help share gift recommendations for friends in their network.

In addition, Amazon has signed up to sell directly through Facebook. So for example, if you know one of your Facebook friends wants a specific gift, you can buy it directly from Amazon on Facebook under a “Shop Now” tab. While for now, Amazon is only using the to sell diapers, it has a lot of potential for Amazon’s books and Kindle eBooks.

Books are such a social product. People are always recommending books to friends and passing books along to their friends. It makes a lot of sense to be able to do this through your online social network. While Amazon hasn’t yet said if they would sell eBooks through Facebook, it seems like a natural next step.

You recommend a book to your friends on Facebook, and they can then click on it to buy it directly. If you are on an iPad or iPhone, you can even download the eBook directly from your Facebook app to your Kindle app.